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Bienvenue à Magellan Training Institute,

notre ATO Airbus A320 basé à Sofia, Bulgarie.

The aim of UPRT is to develop the necessary flight crew resilience to prevent and recover from all undesired aircraft states, including upsets.

Total working days: 1 day and depending on simulator availability.

Note: except when notified, the allocated time is mentioned in hour / crew

A. Ground School Modules 1/2 days

■ Introduction, Welcome and Setup
■ UPRT Presentation and Briefing

04:00 hrs
B. Simulator Training Sessions 1/2 day

■ Module 1 : Advanced Manual Flying Skills
■ Module 2 : AOA and G-Awareness
■ Module ADD 1+2 : Stall Recovery Additional Exercises
■ Module 3 : Upset Recovery Training

04:00 hrs

Our Standard Type Rating is scheduled over 20 working days
(excluding low visibility operations and base training or Zero Flight Time Training).

A. Ground School 10 days

Including 19 hours on APT trainer
Total (approx.)

92:00 hours
B. Handling Phase 8 days

Including 8 FFS sessions + briefings/debriefings
Total (approx.)

58:30 hours
C. LOFT Phase 1 day

1 FFS session + briefings/debriefings
Total (approx.)

04:30 hours
D. Skill test Phase 1 day

1 FFS session + briefings/debriefings (2 hours each pilot)
Total (approx.)

04:30 hours
E. Low Visibility Operations (Optional)
Depending on the regulation, the LVO session may be performed before the skill test.
1 day

Including CBT and 1 FFS session
Total (approx.)

07:30 or 08:30 hours
F. Base training Phase 1 day
Aircraft flight of ZFTT Total (approx.) 07:00 hours

Dedicated to pilots qualified on CS25 aircraft who do not meet Standard Type Rating Course prerequisites because of lack of experience in Jet aircraft operations. These 4 days are additional to the standard Type Rating.

This transition courses is opened for First Officer and direct entry Captain.*

 Day 1

■ Welcome
■ Classroom Training

06:00 hrs
 Day 2 – On FNPT II MCC**

■ FNPT session : 1 x 4 hours + briefings and debriefings

06:00 hrs

Day 3 – On FNPT II MCC**


■ FNPT session : 1 x 4 hours + briefings and debriefings

06:00 hrs

Day 4 – On FNPT II MCC**


■ FNPT session : 1 x 4 hours + briefings and debriefings

06:00 hrs

*Prerequisites are different depending on the position, contact us to check if you are compliant with.
**A Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is used when the FNPT II is not available.

To make the transition from single pilot operations, developing the skills required for safe and efficient multi crew flight deck operation, while consolidating existing instrument flying and technical competence.

Total of 13 working days (depending on simulator availability), plus 2 extra days off during the simulator training to digest the newly gained knowledge, for a total of 15 days or 3 weeks.

  A. Ground School 5 days

■ Classroom Training, including Jet-related courses and CRM / Multi Crew concept

30:00 hrs

B. Simulator

8 days

■ 8 FNPT sessions:
4 x 4 hours
1 x 4 hours
3 x 4 hours

32:00 hrs
(PF + PNF)


■ 2 extra days OFF

Recurrent Training

Magellan Training Institute proposes 5 Reccurent programs depending on the current year and interval. Our programs are applicable for single type operations only (not applicable for Mixed Fleet Flying). They only covers requirements for systems review and simulator recurrent training and checking.

Content :

■ Aircraft systems review
■ Aircraft systems test (if applicable)
■ Simulator training session : 1 x 4 hours
■ Simulator checking session : 1 x 4 hours

A320 Refresher Training

Magellan Training Institute proposes 6 A320 Refresher programs depending on the length and type of interruption. For interruptions exceeding 15 days during the Type Rating course, a Refresher program will be defined on a case-by-case basis. If the interruption exceeds 60 days, the program will be submitted to the relevant authority for approval

Content :

■ CBT : from 0 to 15 hours (3 hours per day) – Depending on the Refresher program
■ FFS : from 1 to 6 sessions, 4 hours each – Depending on the Refresher program

Duration :

From 1 to 6 working days – Depending on the Refresher program.

Base Training (Base Flight)

■ A320 Base Training
■ ATR Base Training


Based inside Sofia Flight Training facilities,
on Osma Street, Sofia Airport, Bulgaria.